Select the sentence with the subject/verb chord error. While driving as fast as possible, each student moves to the parking lot. Driving as fast as possible, each of the students moves to the parking lot. Students move to the parking lot Which of the following sentences dedia says the correct subject verb or tense chord? A. Neither my team nor Sandra`s team are in the playoffs. B. A pair of shoes costs $4. C. How many times has she told you the same old story? D. The sound Which of the following sentences does not illustrate the subject-verb agreement. 1.Each player needs a locker.

2.Er said the computer was broken. 3.C is where the members of the occupation go. 4. We knew that rivers flowed south. 1.Each of the players need such in paragraph 4 in the swimming traits there are 2 errors in the verb subject agreement, 1 error in parallel, and 2 errors in the pronoun chord? My answer I choose is B (new cars bought) is the right one or I could be bad. In paragraph 1 in Schwimmstrichen I found 2 errors in the subject verb contract, 1 parallel error and 0 error in the pronoun-antecedent agreement. I wondered if they are correct, because all the errors in this passage range from 0 to 3 errors 1. Select the sentence that contains the correct subject-verb chord. (Points: 1) Applied mathematics was my main subject at university. Applied mathematics was my main subject at university. 2. Most of the individual nouns that end up in “s” — like politics, news, measles — can you help me solve this problem: what is the sentence that shows the correct subject verb agreement? Has.

The stories of the Alhambra are Ulia`s favorite book. B. Rizzo and Vintus have been working together for years. C. Lars, accompanied by Bianca, was late for the party. Here are the poems Truvia wrote for Jydo last year. Correct the following for the verb-subject chord, shapes and fragments. 1.My car is very beautiful.

2. When he thought he could afford to pay his own tuition. 3.These students always make noise. 4. When I was young, I used it to play with dolls. I have to find the error in these sentences. 1. Both are happy. He has a subject and a verb. I got lost. 2.

This morning I watch TELEVISION before I come here. .. must know if they are subject-verb agreement, run-on, verb and tension or fragment. Please, sentence A is wrong. It`s going to be “Elena thinks 5 funds is a lot of money. (because, in this sense, “5 funds” or $5 are a UNIT – a unit of currency can be a certain volume, which amounts to each other at $a million,252.