Over the past 20 years, the GNA has a proven track records of protecting our rivers and rural communities. However, we cannot stop now. Not only are mines growing, but we can also set an example of what is possible when ordinary people come together and get creative. The following neighbourhood associations and commissions embody the Good Neighbourly Agreement: For years, members of the Northern Plains have fought against the Stillwater Mining Company to protect water quality and communities in Stillwater and Sweet Grass counties. In 2000, spurred on by measures taken by Members of Northern Plains, the two sides worked together and negotiated an agreement to extend protection beyond state requirements to protect property, water and territorial communities while allowing the mining of platinum and palladium. The legally binding contract established a process where citizens can meet regularly with company representatives to discuss and prevent issues related to mining impacts, crop re-cultivation, wildlife and other issues. The Good Neighbourly Agreement protected the land with conservation easements, introduced a bus program to significantly reduce traffic on the valley`s winding roads, and provided for independent environmental assessments. The National Children`s Hospital Good Neighbourly Agreement, signed in July 2001, is an innovative partnership between the hospital and local civic associations. What began as a way to maintain open communication and trust between the children`s hospital and its immediate neighbors has become a catalyst to strengthen the community. It is usually best to have at least one person to gather preliminary industry information from public documents and data searches.

The more targeted the result, the more limited the search should be. A community will be in a better position to negotiate if they have a good understanding of what the company is doing, and their concerns will be taken more seriously once they have done some research. The best source of information is the industry itself: maybe the group can arrange a visit, or the company can send a representative to meet with the group. Direct contacts like these are desirable and can save the group many hours of research as long as the company is willing to share information. .