“8 (6) Without the prior written authorization of your supervisor, you cannot obtain other credits of more than $500, with the exception of utilities and for the refinancing of Ballon 11Paies at the end of a car rental contract. If you receive a credit of more than $500 without the consent of your superior, this is a violation of your agreement. “While the idea of a failure of the IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is frightening, the figures published by the insolvency service show that this situation is unlikely. According to the organization, no more than 10% of these agreements fail in the first year. “Furthermore, I do not know that all the funds I have contributed to the IVA for three and a half years have ever been distributed to my creditors. How do I find this information? “Why is this important to you? What happened to your IVA`s failed debt? I would have added, watch out for a letter before claim/action if you try to ignore the MR while you save… it is the precursor of a trial, better to reconsider your options, if you receive one, you see debtcamel.co.uk/letter-before-claim-ccj/ what a letter looks like. Hello, after a year of advice ref debts I joined an IVA in January 2020… Hanover`s bankruptcy. I`m independent. I was relieved to get my finances back on track.

Following Covid-19, I asked Hanover if I could have a 3-month break from the monthly payment of $135. I made three payments. I was asked to file a statement so they could check. I was in an overdraft that was shown at the beginning of the IVA… Hanover never told me that I could not have this opportunity, even though I was presenting my bank statements at the creation of IVA. I was told by phone that I was violating the IVA and that it had ended. I received nothing else from them about what my options were or the written confirmation of termination. My creditors started contacting me.

I`m still independent. My father died last year, so I moved in with my mother because she was very sick. My mother has to move to an OAP bungalow. I was refused five times to rent a property because of the IVA. even though I have a good income and references that says iv always paid the rent. I have no place to leave and I`m afraid of being homeless and losing the store iv hard. I have a 28k debt. Please help me. Most people fall into violating their IVA due to deteriorated circumstances, so getting in touch with your IVA supervisor as soon as possible is one way you can actually avoid injury notifications.