An act of Congress of February 18, 1881, established 72 sections (46,000 acres (72 sq mi; 190 km2) in the Montana Territory for the establishment of the university. The Board of Regents appoints the president of the university, who is directly accountable and accountable to the Commissioner of Higher Education. [24] 1. Campuses submit to the Commissioner the terms of the MUS`s provisional employment contracts. The presidents are empowered to coordinate the items deposited on behalf of the connected sites. The information provided should indicate the employee`s name, job title, department or program, proposed salary, source of funding for the position, date of appointment and duration of the proposed contract. After the agreement of the delegate, the competent campus manager is authorized to sign the approved contract in a binding agreement. MYTHOS: Is the UM administration involved in negotiations with employee unions? Fact: The Director of Industrial Relations, who works in the Commissioner`s office, acts as the “Chief Negotiator” for all collective bargaining for staff. The Associate Director of Laboratory and Employment Relations in Missoula`s Human Resources Departments, as well as the management managers of each affiliated campus, are members of the management team during the work negotiations. The President delegated to these individuals the responsibility of expressing the administration`s views to other members of the management team, including the representative of the High Education Commissioner and representatives of the Montana State University Campus. MYTHOS: On behalf of the Governor`s Office, does the Montana Laboratory Relations Office negotiate with MPEA employees of Montana University Systems? The fact is that the negotiations between the state of Montana and the mpEA do not cover the staff of the university system.

During these negotiations, MPEA represents only union members employed by other public bodies (for example. B Department of Corrections, Department of Labor & Industry, Department of Transportation, etc.). These negotiations are legally separate from those between MPEA and the Montana university system. Although MPEA is the same union representing some employees in the university system, they are different bargaining units with different collective agreements. No representative of the management of the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education or a campus of the university system has ever participated in negotiation meetings between MPEA and the State of Montana, nor will the representative of the Office of the Governor authorize such participation. Programmes on Central and South-West Asia were launched in 1997. .