Respondents were asked if they thought social media was a good way to enjoy recreation or if they were alone. According to the data, 53.1% agreed, 36.0% agreed, 9.7% were neutral, 0.6% disagreed and 6% disagreed completely. Respondents were asked if they were aware of the overall scenario. According to the data, 42.9% agreed, 46.9% agreed and 10.3% were neutral. Source: investigation. The link between the NSS and family relationships is also a widely held area around the world. In this context, it is reported that the increasing change in people`s behaviour and interests towards their loved ones is a growing concern related to the NSS. There was a time when people around the world were aware of relationships, family and their circle of friends, but the scenario has changed in the recent past. People who have given a lot of time to their families and social environment have spent hours and hours surfing the Internet or doing other futile activities. It has been argued that because of these many families, close emotional commitments that occur when they have close social contacts are lacking [14].

The negative effects of the NSS, discussed above, clearly indicate their influence on family relationships. It is clear that, as a result of access to electronics, respondents were connected to their online friends. On the one hand, this led to emotional disturbances and loneliness, and most importantly, interviewees admitted that they cared least about family issues and that they were less related to the family. Other questions were asked by interviewees to determine how family relationships are affected by the use of the NSS. In response to the statement whether the use of social media has become a trend 83.4% strongly agreed and 16.6%. This is especially true for young people who spend hours in the NSS and are completely unaware of the real relationships. According to studies conducted in the context of the United States, Americans have become socially isolated in recent decades. Social groups of Americans reported that the decrease decreased. In particular, it is thought that Americans have less close ties to those in their neighbourhoods and voluntary associations [19]. Participants held a roundtable discussion on “The Magic of New Media” at a five-day international youth conference and a festival called “Building Bridges Around the World” at the National Arts Council of Pakistan (NCP).

Social networks started as a place to connect with your friends in a simple and convenient way. Really, a lot of you may have found your old friends from school or college who were out of touch for some reason, well, I`d say I have, and I thank him, social networks. Social networks have given us the opportunity to connect with people and build better relationships with friends with whom we cannot meet in person, and to inform them about our lives and to make contributions about their lives and events with them. – Mass media have been used for advertising for business development. Social networking sites have also been reported to influence students` academic performance. It has been found that unnecessary time on the internet can have serious consequences on the performance of students in university institutions. While the NSS can be a great way to enjoy, the problem arises when individuals subtly replace electronic relationships with physical relationships. Although people feel connected to their peers via the Internet, this relationship paradoxically creates a sense of social isolation. The NSS also plays a role in the popularity of developing NSS countries. In the context of Pakistani social networks, the distinction is made day by day [5].

It has been reported that thirty million people in Pakistan are online every day, and the number is growing rapidly. Similarly, there are 120 million multi-purpose carriers in Pakistan making it the fifth largest mobile phone showcase in Asia [6].