Once trade agreements have been established, they must be checked to see if all mandatory fields are properly established and whether no business logic is violated. To simplify validation, there are various options, such as.B. Expected result: the multi-line discount contract is established and the discount amount is set at USD 4 for all items in the “01” discount group that have been selected in the agreement and that apply to `US-001` debtors. Two percentages of discounts are also set. The percentage of discount 1 is set at 3% and the percentage of discounts 2 to 4%. It applies to the quantity between 50 and 99 and is valid between 17-05-2020 and 16-05-2021. (Sale) – Discount for the entire order The sale price can also be calculated on the basis of production costs. The option can be listed in the “Basic Price” field and costs are listed in the “Manage Costs” tab. 22.

Percentage discount 1 and percentage discount 2: It is to set the position discount, the discount to several lines and/or the percentage of overall discount in the trade agreement for different sales or purchase bookings. We can either set the amount of the discount in the currency field or the percentage of discounts in the “percentage discount” boxes, or we can set both in trade agreements. If this happens, the amount of the discount will first be applied to the order if indicated. Then, the percentage reduction 1 is applied to the remaining amount (after deducting the amount of the discount). the percentage of discounts 2 is applied to the remaining amount (after deducting the discount percentage 1). There is nothing but discounts. This table works as a leading table in the trade agreement process. – PriceDisctable (entry is addressed to this table when the registration of the trade agreement is reserved.

It has the same data that are visible from the “commercial agreements” form for the item, the debtor and the lender) The price details page shows the price of the exact trading agreement, and also contains information about potential agreements. This means that if the USD currency order is created for article 1000 and for the debtor, which is part of the debit price group/discount 01, say 22-07-2020 and the amount of the order is 7. In this case, the $15 discount applies to the net position amount and the percentage reduction of 2 also applies to the remaining amount. (net position amount – amount of discount). Book > Of Sales and Marketing You can create, validate, book, display commercial agreements in D365 F-O. 19. From the date to the date: this is the length of time that trade agreements are active. If the dates are empty, this means that they apply to all dates. There is no permanent restriction in this case of overall reduction is also visible in the “totals” form for the order.

Suppose you will have to set a set price from the exact date.