LiUNA and PWU members who work in accordance with Schedule A of the PWU/Hydro One collective agreement are entitled to a refund of travel expenses if their regular stay is located more than 40 kilometres from the workplace. If a member`s normal residence is located more than 97 kilometres from the place of residence, a space and board allowance may be paid, subject to proof of a normal residence financial obligation (e.g.B. property tax bill, mortgage account, lease, lease declaration or up-to-date electricity bill). The main negotiating committee will meet on December 14 to issue a notice to issue a 21-day “secure closure” to prepare for the dismantling of electricity generation. PWU members will continue to assume their responsibilities in accordance with all safety guidelines in order to prepare for work. “The first election of our members is always to reach an agreement through negotiation in good faith,” said Mel Hyatt, president of the Power Workers` Union. “We are disappointed that OPG has submitted a final offer, which has remained unchanged from the previous offer already rejected. We need to reach an agreement that strengthens the reliability of Ontario`s energy sector. The PWU has negotiated, as part of its collective agreements, hiring room agreements with the following employers: the PWU represents more than 16,000 workers in Ontario`s energy sector, including approximately 6,000 OPG employees. The current collective agreement expired on March 31, 2018 and negotiations were suspended on October 17, 2018.

June 3, 2015 – Power Workers Union (PWU) employees have ratified a three-year contract with the Ontario Power Generation (OPG). The collective agreement with the workers` union expired on 31 March 2015. . Electrical inspectors have $3 per hour earned that is paid into the retirement plan and $2 per hour earned, which is paid into the benefit plan. During the work under the PWU/Hydro One Appendix “A,” LiUNA members are represented by the PWU as members of the VET. . Electrical inspectors are referred to ESA via the joint CUSW/PWU expedition. The PWU and ESA agree on the list of qualified electrical inspectors. Electrical inspectors must have a valid construction and maintenance licence (309A) with at least 10 years of electrical trade experience.