As I have spent more time awake and away, striving to be fully conscious, I have come to love how our world is knit together. Every book or article I read, every conversation I have, every walk I take, they each help reveal a bit more of how humanity works with each other and how we have built our civilization.


If college, and now university, is going to have a lasting impact on my being I hope that it will be on how I interact with my fellow man. Each person I meet has their own interesting story. All they ask of me is to be willing to shut up and listen, ask some questions, relate. We all want to be heard; we all want to belong. The key is to take whatever one’s preconceived notions of the world are and shelve them. They won’t help you be a better person.


These ideas that we pick up from our parents, our churches, our neighborhoods, our cultures, they do not represent the true form of the world. They are just a small slice, a slice I (and I assume many others) were told was the “right” way to view the world. An us versus them spit that doesn’t reflect how people actually live. In reality each person is out there trying to maximize their enjoyment, trying to get by, trying to achieve their goals, trying to live.


So loosen up a bit; it’s going to be alright. Some of my fondest memories happen just after I left my comfort zone. Try out radical acceptance, tolerance is a crutch you use because you’re still afraid that the world doesn’t conform.