A certified copy of Stolt Tanker`s joint refuelling contract or a certificate certifying that there was no change to the document, as made available to the lender as part of the closing of the loan agreement on October 27, 2005. Following a written communication from the Board of Directors, a representative or authorized delegate, an employer must allow an accountant or other authorized EISB representative to visit that employer`s premises on a date acceptable to both parties during normal business hours, in order to verify the accounts, records, documents or reports necessary to determine whether the employer is making full and timely payments to the employer. Joint Service Agreement. The parties will also meet at the frequency described in the Joint Service Agreement on the specific dates agreed by the parties. In the event of a conflict or contradiction between the provisions of this Agreement and a service contract, declaration of work or joint order, the same thing is settled by the priority on this Agreement (including any exposure or addition). When employers do not make timely payments, joint service agreement signatories are offered lost investment opportunities and additional administrative costs in the form of letters, phone calls and other collection costs. A common service contract is implemented by each other by the parties prior to the implementation of the provider`s web program. For the fourth quarter, the company expects net income to decline by approximately two cents per diluted share due to higher purchase costs. The details of this award and the common service agreement between us and the railways are confidential. No later than the third month of the employer`s debt period, the collection advisor has initiated appropriate legal proceedings, unless he concludes that a delay is being sensitized in the best interests of the signatories or if he has not yet received adequate information. Each employer keeps this time data, controls, control offices, quarterly or other relevant state returns or any other employment record for which dues or other payments are required (1) to determine whether the employer has fulfilled all obligations to the signatories of the common service contract and (2) to allow the IAD to comply with all applicable laws. Notwithstanding this seven-year period, the EISB may request contributions before this seven-year period if the Board of Directors deems it prudent.

The EISB Board of Directors or its delegated representatives may require any employer to provide any information relevant to the management of the joint services agreement signatories.