The “rental fee” for the products is the rental and delivery costs as well as any additional costs listed on the site in connection with your product rental. When you order a product, you allow Dress Hire AU to calculate your payment method for your rental fees. In addition to your rental order for a product, you authorize Dress Hire AU to calculate your payment method up to 200% of the total original retail value of the product, as specified in the “retail value” on the site. Provided you only charge for your payment method if you have not complied with your commitment to us, as stated in the rental agreement below. When an invoice is issued for any reason, payment is due within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice. You agree to treat our products like your own. You will treat the garment with the utmost care. You`re not going to try to fit into a dress that`s too small for you, you won`t try to make a dress too tight and therefore damage the zipper. All zippers are checked before the garment is shipped and damaged zippers are not covered by our insurance. So if you damage a zipper, you have to pay for the repair. -The return date is shown on the rental instructions contained in the shipment of clothing.

Bookings cannot end on a Sunday. -Try one fees are credited on the rental price of the dress if the dress is booked within 90 days after the first test on the date. -Clothes requested for the test within 14 days of the tenant`s organization may require an additional refundable deposit equal to the entire rental price of the dress. Professional cleaning is included in your rental and you agree that no effort will be made to clean, modify, iron/press (unless otherwise agreed). Dress Hire AU is not responsible for health problems related to a product rented by our website. Our products were worn by other consumers before they were rented. -Tenants who are in possession of a dress are not charged for extra days before their event if they have been agreed by DDDR, and their event is within the next 20 days. The full clothing rental fee must be paid up to the return date of the trial or a late payment fee is charged. Please contact DDDR for permission to keep the dress during this time. -All clothing event rentals and jewelry rentals will last up to 5 days, from the day the dress is received by the tenant, including Saturday and Sunday.