End User Licensing Contract This end-user license agreement defines the conditions under which anyone obtains the right to use video games (i.e. obtain a license to use) who has invited such an interested person to familiarize himself with the terms of this license agreement and to accept them: download or install such games; Creating an account in these games; Access to these games by other means (given the ongoing development of information technology). This end-user license agreement is a public membership treaty. This means that its terms are the same and unchanged for all users who wish to obtain the right to use the games it covers, and it is only possible to conclude this agreement by unconditional acceptance of their terms. The games covered by this license agreement are programmed so that they are only made available to the end user after the approval of the conclusion of this license agreement; Therefore, by successfully downloading or installing the game on its electronic device (stationary or mobile personal computer, smartphone or other similar device), creating an account in-game or accessing its use, the end user automatically accepts all the terms of this license agreement and agrees to comply with it. The terms of this licensing agreement are fully in line with current laws and do not violate the rights of the end user. Nevertheless, we recommend that anyone interested be fully aware of the terms of this licensing agreement before the conclusion. If there is a reason why the end user is not satisfied with the terms of this license agreement, it is not advisable to enter into this contract, which means that they cannot use the game. A. License scope: The donor grants you a non-negotiable license to use the licensed application for all Apple brand products that you own or control and that the rules of use allow. The terms and conditions of these standard EEFs govern all content, materials or services accessible or acquired by the licensed application, as well as upgrades provided by the licensee that replace or complete the original licensed application, unless such an upgrade is accompanied by a custom EULA.