5.2.11 Do not transfer the leased property (including the key or smart card) to others without the landlord`s written consent; 2.1 The rental object is the property of the owner, which consists of space and spaces and appliances housed inside. The purpose of the tenancy and its condition must be indicated in an act of transfer and acceptance of the space and property constituting an inseparable part of the contract. 5.2.2 to keep the rental property clean, to carry out minor repairs at its own expense, and to obtain the landlord`s approval for all changes and furniture changes; 1.1 This agreement (hereafter referred to as the agreement) is for a period of one academic year and constitutes the only legal basis for the use of residences, appliances and equipment. This room rental agreement is between [HOMEOWNER] (“owner”) and [RENTER] (“tenant”). It is a legally binding agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the parties and aims to promote budgetary harmony. 5.1.2 to ensure access to the services necessary for the use of leased premises; 6.1.2 to verify whether the leased property is being used for maintenance and maintenance verification of the rental property and, if necessary, to give appropriate mandatory instructions; 4.8 During the contractual period, the security deposit is not used to collect unpaid amounts that have not been paid. 4.9 In the case where the tenant enters into a new lease with the landlord after the expiry of the contract, the surety is used as a surety for the new contract. 7.1 The contracting parties are fully liable for non-compliance with contractual conditions and damages sustained during the lease of the land; 6.1.5 through their representative (administrator, security guard) to verify the links between the people in the building and dormitory of EMo who require the presentation of dormitory cards. If no residence card has been provided, the landlord`s representative is authorized to require such a person to leave the building or force him to leave the building in accordance with the current legislation. 4.2 The tenant must pay the rent for residential accommodation and the use of appliances and devices to be paid on the current account of EM-E until the 20th of each month, the national number being indicated in the payment order, as indicated in the invoice. In addition to the rental, the tenant must pay for the services provided the previous month as follows: for water and sewers depending on the number of occupants of the home; for electricity, heating and hot water depending on the size of the rented premises.

1.2 The lease defines the rights and obligations that arise from a student who uses the accommodation in the dormitory of the Estonian University of Life Sciences (`EM`).