If you are a merchant or if you are a buyer who pays by bank transfer, you authorize WePay and the bank to launch electronic entries ach and having on every bank account you have created on the site, and to initiate adjustments for all transactions that are credited or debited by mistake. You agree to be bound by the ach rules and you agree that all ACH transactions you initiate comply with all applicable laws. Your authorization remains fully in effect and effective until you announce that you are revocing it by contacting customer service or closing your account. You understand that WePay needs a reasonable period of time to respond to your retraction and must not exceed five (5) business days. (i) violate the terms and conditions of account documents and do not contrafly an agreement between the customer and the bank; and you accept and acknowledge that the transaction history displayed in the Wallet is only our wallet transaction authorization and does not return complete information about the transaction or any activity after authorization, including, but not limited to, but not limited to clearing, settlement, currency exchange, cancellations, returns or bookings. As a result, the amount of the purchase, currency and other details relating to the portfolio provider`s transaction history related to the use of your card in the wallet may be temporary and/or incomplete and may not correspond to the amount of the transaction that will finalize the monthly settlement or closing of your card, which is considered the dominant document. You can add a legitimate chase card to a wallet by following our instructions on how it appears on a proprietary chase platform (z.B. Chase MobileĀ® app or chase.com), or by following the wallet provider`s instructions. Only chase cards that we consider justified can be added to the portfolio. If your Chase Card or underlying account is not in good condition, this Chase Card is not allowed to be added or registered.

We can set other eligibility criteria at our sole discretion. If you add a Chase card to a wallet, the wallet may allow you to use the Chase card to allow (i) transfers of funds between you and others that are registered with the portfolio provider or a partner of such a portfolio provider, and/or (ii) enter into transactions in which the portfolio is accepted, including the ability to use the Chase card to conduct transactions on the physical sites of participating resellers, e-commerce sites and ATMs; and (b) to use other services described in the portfolio provider`s agreement or that they may offer from time to time.