Their point of view rang in our house. The seafood and wine were perfect. Peter removed the chime from the assembly so that he could reach the dust that had accumulated underneath. An example of a chime is a watch that rings a bell. The results from the other lab rang with me, so I knew we were on the right track with the research. And as soon as a clock starts hitting and ringing as soon as the minute hand has finished a full circle, this change has been demonstrated by an increase in activity, whirlwind and ringing in the upper spheres. Well, at least in this case, listening to the chime was a good sign. (Sonbite of the compensation voice) Only a few bars, like, maybe you could sound one way or one, just to hear where the three voices connect – like the three voices. I think “chime” is a series of repeated notes (as in “Westminster Glockenspiel”), so I think it would be quite appropriate in this case.

Dick stopped for a moment to listen, and when he did, his chime came to his ears like the sound of his own name. Another man, then the imam, in Arabic, ring. It was a sabbatical at the end of August, and in no month of the year rings a Sabbath day with time. A clock in the room began to ring at midnight, and he turned his heel. When immigration reform is contemplated by Congress, Iowa Republican Steve Kingis is always sure to ring the bells. Glockenspiel with someone or something in harmony or in agreement with someone or something. The thin and sublime tower contains a chime of forty-five bells. Karl Lagerfeld (always one with a chime) does not agree with the usual. Ring the bell with the brass chime hanging from the chain next to it. height and a chime of 13 bells; It was considered an altar piece of Murillo “St.

Peter liberated by an Angel”. Fans have the opportunity to ring on Twitter and vote on certain aspects of the show. I think that no matter what happens, his heart will always beat a particular chime when someone who knew the melody plays the right chords. At the time of network radio, the chime was a signal from the network to local stations that it was time for a station identification break, which must be given by the FRC later every half hour by the FCC. There is no doubt that this project is a real process of selecting attractive objects and integrating them into the environment.