Any adult aged 19 and over who is able to enter into a replacement agreement can do so. Mental capacity is the ability to make sound decisions. A capable person must understand the context or nature of a decision and appreciate the possible consequences of a decision. Under THE BC act, every adult is capable of abilities. This means that, as long as there is no other evidence, a court considers that a person is in a position to make his or her own medical and financial decisions. It is important to note that capacity is a legal term and applies to the particular decision that needs to be made. Some people with reduced capacity may not be able to make some decisions, but may be able to make others. For example, someone may have a cognitive deficit that prevents them from making financial decisions, but they may still be able to make health decisions. Section 9 of the Act allows you to enter into a representation agreement that gives your representative the authority to make medical and other decisions that are very important to you, including the decision to refuse life support. Among the things you can authorize your representative into a Contract under Section 9 is the possibility: compensation includes not only the payment of fees, but also all other winnings or rewards, such as bonus points, miles, the chance to win a trip or other item, or any other benefit.

Accordingly, the buyer`s representative must ensure that the buyer is informed of any remuneration that the buyer`s representative may receive as a result of the recommendation. Finding someone you work with can include a bit of trial and error. Similarly, a buying agent will also want to feel that a good match is made with the buyer. According to section 5-11 of the rules, the buyer`s representative must disclose all remunerations that the buyer`s representative receives and which are not paid by the buyer. Section 5-8 (1.1) of the Regulation authorizes the indication of compensation for a party other than a customer in the service agreement and/or in a data set other than an agreement that implements a real estate transaction separate from the service agreement. This means disclosure of compensation. B, for example, cannot be made in a purchase and sale agreement, as it is an agreement that enforces a sale of real estate. Vijay is a licensee who bought a vacant lot with the intention of building a house.