Each member of the energy workers` union can make a concrete proposal to improve a collective agreement through a draft bargaining agreement. Bargaining requests can be made at the next collective agreement negotiation with your employer. The Union of Power Workers negotiates collective agreements with organizations that employ our members. We approach collective bargaining with three main objectives: for any questions about your collective agreement, speak to your union board of directors. In collective bargaining, employers and unions work together – on behalf of our members – on a binding contract that regulates the employer-employee relationship. We negotiate to improve the employment of our members by improving wages, working conditions, pensions, benefits, opportunities to develop new skills and flexibility in the performance of work and family tasks. We negotiate to improve the competitiveness of our employers in their markets and fulfill their mandates. Successful organizations are better employers. The Power Workers` Union is very proud that we are among the most democratic unions. It starts in your own workplace – where you and your employees choose your steward – the person who speaks on your behalf to your superiors and represents you in the union. We negotiate to provide our customers and the community at large with better value for money.

This is the best way to ensure that our members keep their good jobs and that our employers continue to thrive.